Friday March 24th, Mapache turned into a small Belgian food festival. 

After a first taste of Belgium on Wednesday’s Belgian game night, the Belgian Soirée on Friday was next in line. An evening with traditional Belgian food and Belgian music.

On our menu we had the following dishes and beers:

Pekestoemp: A combination of mashed potatoes and carrots, very similar to purée. ‘Peke’ is dutch dialect for carrot. ‘Stoemp’ refers to the preparation where the mashing of the potatoes resembles using a stamp. For example, if you use tomatoes instead of carrots, it would be called tomato stoemp’.    
Kroketten: Balls of bechamel filled with vegetables (carrots, tomatoes and beets).
Waffles with chocolate sauce: fresh and vegan.
Beers: Hoegaarden, Leffe and Evoé, a Belgian style beer produced by a Brazilian.

As for the music, we listened to Belgian artists like Stromae, Gotye and many more.
We hope you tried out our Belgian dishes and enjoyed the music with a ‘Leffe’ or ‘Hoegaarden’ in your hand.

Thank you all for coming to the soirée.

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