On 18 April, we had the chance to experience a multicultural adventure through Spain and Honduras with our friends from Amorpha Youth Group and EFFIV Varna.  We discussed and learned new things about the culture, cooked and tasted vegan traditional dishes, sang Spanish songs and moved to the sound of famous Honduran tunes and theatrical dance, and finally learned how to invest all these new sensations and knowledge into Spanish-influenced street art characters. The event was organized by Amorpha Youth Group with the collaboration of EFFIV Varna and Erasmus Student Network. The guests and the people who made it all happen: Jose Liza Nicolás, Juan Funes, Karolina Oliva Meza, Cristina Pereiro Paz, Krzysztof Grzesik, Joel Cruz Cuadras and Aleksi Ivanov. Features Multi Kulti Kitchen. Event poster by Katrin Eftimova. The cooking workshop was based on the Multi Kulti Kitchen model and hosted by  Mapache Café & Bakery.

Photographers: Alexander Lazarov and Venelin Mitev.

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