What is the social and environmental impact of our choices?
Do we consume too much? How much do we waste?

The purpose of the event/debate is to explore and collectively come up with answers to such questions. And most of all, to share ideas and practices on how to be more environmentally sustainable and how to apply those changes on our every day lives.

The idea is to divide this event in three sessions:

Monday 4, July:
On our first gathering we will talk about sustainability and share some basic concepts. We will watch the ‘The story of stuff’. A 20-minute online movie about the way we make, use and throw away all the stuff in our lives. Then, we will follow with a discussion on the main topics tackled in the movie.

Thursday 14, July:
The idea of the session is to share practical ideas on how to be more sustainable and how to apply tose ideas on a daily basis (at home, food waste, energy efficiency…)

Thursday 21, July:
Last day of the debate, where we will keep developing some ideas on the three R’s of the environment (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). We will also introduce and present the organization of workshops in the environmental center in Ezerets.

The main idea of this event is to share our knowledge, ideas, doubts,… and try to think about our surroundings and habits and how we can improve them in an easy way.

I encourage all of you to participate!

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