By now you might be wondering what Mapache is. Mapache means raccoon in Spanish, and it comes from Cristina Paz’s obsession with raccoons. Some people love cats. Others love dogs. We love all animals, but we decided to name our bakery after these cute little rascals that can steal your heart (and your food).

And surely by now you are wondering who Cristina Paz is, and why does she have such a strange name? Paz means peace in Spanish. Some say Cristina was destined to end up in Varna. This is partially because her birth place is on the same latitude as Varna. In other words, if you connect Carballo, Spain and Varna it will be a perfect straight line. (Skeptics are welcome to debate this on our blog.) However, Cristina started off in Varna by doing EVS (European Voluntary Service) with an NGO, and then, guess what! She decided to stay and start her own business! Thus, Mapache was created.

Mapache is about the passion for creating something delicious and sharing it with others. It is about the yumminess behind vegan baking. Now, now, yes, we are sure you have tried tasteless vegan stuff—so have we. But as the song says, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. And so we didn’t. The frustration of disappointing vegan food motivated us to come up with rich and delectable recipes. The good stuff. To prepare, countless days spent baking in a small kitchen were followed by force feeding our friends endless samples of our treats to make sure everything we serve is satisfying and delicious—and healthy. We use high quality plant based ingredients. No artificial coloring or preservatives.

We are always excited to see new mapaches passing by, so we are looking forward to having you around. We’ll be waiting for you with a hot cocoa and lots of cookies.

Mapache Cafe & Bakery is one of the winners of the first edition of Rinker’s Challenge – a start-up program for social and traditional entrepreneurs from the Center “Rinker” and Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation (BCAF) 2015.